Masters in Business Leadership

Entry Requirements
To qualify for normal entry into the Masters in Business Leadership, prospective students, in addition to satisfying the minimum conditions prescribed under the General Regulations, must
Have obtained a first degree (with at least a 2.2) OR equivalent plus a minimum of 2 years` post qualification relevant experience.

Structure of the Degree Programme
The programme shall be offered over a period of two years as follows:
Part I 
Code               Description
MBL501            Human Resources  Management
MBL502            Statistics
MBL503            Marketing Management
MBL504            Financial and Management Accounting
MBL505            Management Information Systems
MBL506            Economic Environment
MBL507            Change Management
MBL508            Corporate Governance
MBL509            Entrepreneurship
MBL510            Management Science

Part II
MBL511            Business Research
MBL512            Strategic Leadership and Organizational Dynamics
MBL513            E-Business
MBL514            Strategic Management
MBL515            Strategic Financial Management
MBL516            Taxation
MBL517            Advanced Financial Reporting
MBL518            Managerial Economics
MBL519            Strategic Marketing Management
MBL520            Financial Engineering and Modelling
MBL521            Service Marketing
MBL522            Market Analysis
MBL523            Managing Performance and Change
MBL524            Advanced Training and Development
MBL525            Strategic Human Resources Management   
MBL600            Dissertation

Admission to Examinations
To be admitted to the examination for each course, a student must have attained a minimum score of 40% in the coursework.

Assessment of Candidates

  • All courses shall be assessed through coursework assessment and a formal written examination.
  • Each course will have a coursework component. The weightings of the Coursework and Examination shall be 25% and 75% of the final assessment, respectively.
  • Each course shall be formally assessed through a two or three hour written examination at the end of the appropriate semester.
  • The assessment of a Project Course shall be based on a dissertation submitted at a date determined by the Departmental Board. Students shall be notified of this date at the beginning of the Course. The dissertation must be submitted on or before the due date which shall be advised at the beginning of Part Two. The student will submit three loose bound copies of the dissertation to the relevant department.

Determination of Results
For each course and student, the Departmental Panel of Examiners shall determine a final mark and whether that student has passed that course.
Each Departmental Panel shall submit, for each course under its control and for each student enrolled in that course, the final mark and the result to the University Board of Examiner

Awarding and Classification of the Degree
To be eligible for the award of The Master of Business Leadership (MBL), a student must have:

  • Accumulated a minimum of 80 credits and
  • Passed all core courses in the Programme.

The degree shall be classified using the results of ten courses in each part, including all core courses, which give the student the highest score. The weighting shall be as follows:

Part I    =    50%
Part II    =    50%

The following Marking Scheme shall be used:
80% and above    –    Distinction
70%-79%                –    Merit
60%-69%                –    Credit
50%-59%                –    Pass
Below 50%             –    Fail

Publication of Results
Results shall be published in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulations.

Detailed syllabuses of the Masters in Business Leadership shall be lodged with the Senior Assistant Registrar in the appropriate Faculty.