Dr. Thulani Dube


  •  B.BA Computer Information System (SOLUSI)
  •  MBA (MSU)

Email: tdube29@tsamail.co.za, tdube@buse.ac.zw

Research Interests
Mobile Money and Electronic Commerce

Research Publications

  1. Dube, T., Chitakunye, P., and Chummun, B., Z. (2014), Mobile Money as a Strategy of Financial Inclusion in Rural Communities, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 5, No 25.
  2. Dube, T. and Chitura, T. (2010), Electronic Commerce Benefits and Adoption Barriers in Small and Medium Enterprises in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Vol. 15, No. 1.
  3. Dube, T., Chitura, T and Runyowa, L. (2009), “Adoption and use of Internet banking in Zimbabwe: an exploratory study.” Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Vol. 14, No. 1.
  4. Njanike, C., Dube, T., and Mashayanye, E. (2009), The Effectiveness of Forensic Auditing in Detecting, Investigating and Preventing Bank Frauds, Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, Vol.10, No. 4.
  5. Chitura, T., Chari, F. and Dube T. (2007) “Service quality and customer satisfaction: a case of the mobile telecommunication industry in Gweru, Zimbabwe.” Southern Africa Journal of Education, Science and Technology
  6. Chitura, T., Mupemhi, S., Dube, T. and Bolongkikit, J. (2008), “Barriers to electronic commerce adoption and usage in small and medium enterprises: a critical literature review”Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce,Vol.13, No 2
  7. Chitura, T., Chuma, W., Dube, T. and Runyowa, L. (2008) “Electronic commerce benefits and adoption barriers in small and medium enterprises in Gweru, Zimbabwe.” School of Economics and Finance, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, Discussion Paper No. 79,

Major Research Projects
PhD Research Mobile Money