Bachelor of Business Studies Honours degree in Marketing

Entry Requirements

To qualify for normal entry into the Bachelor of Business Studies  (Honours) degree in Marketing at Bindura University of Science Education, prospective students, in addition to satisfying the minimum conditions prescribed under the General Regulations, must

  •  Have obtained at least five ‘O’ Level subjects including English Language and Mathematics passed with a Grade C or better,
  • Have obtained one A’ level commercial subject (Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Business Studies And Geography) plus any other A’ level subject


NB: Special or Mature Entry admissions shall be in accordance with the General Regulations.

Part I
Code                     Description

AC101                   Financial Accounting 1A
AC102                   Business Law
AC107                   Financial Accounting 1B
HS101                    HIV/AIDS Education
BS101                    Business Administration
BS102                    Quantitative Analysis for Business 1
BS103                    Business Communication
BS112                    Principles Of Marketing 1
BS113                    Principles Of Marketing 2
BS109                    Company Law
CS101                    Introduction to Computer Science
EC101                    Economics Principles 1
EC107                    Economics Principles 2
PC108                    Citizenship Education
PC103                    Communication Skills
Foreign Language: French 1(PS102) or Chinese 1     

Code                     Description

BS201                    Quantitative Analysis for Business 2
BS206                    Management 1
BS207                    Consumer & Buyer Behavior
BS208                    Marketing Research
BS209                    Research Methods
BS212                    Management 2
BS214                    Public Relations
BS216                    International Marketing
BS222                    Entrepreneurship
BS223                    Marketing Communication
BS 228                   Sales Management                           
BS 230                   Retail Management                           
BS 231                   Financial Aspects of Marketing                       
BS 232                   Marketing Information Systems      
Foreign language:    French 2 (PS 204) or Chinese 2

Code                     Description

BS300                    Industrial Attachment
BS301                    Research Project

Part IV
Code                     Description

BS403                    International Business Management
BS404                    Supply Chain Management
BS407                    Project management
BS408                    Information Systems 2
BS410                    Corporate Governance
BS425                    Services Marketing
BS426                    E-Commerce
BS427                    Strategic Marketing
BS429                    Business To Business Marketing
BS 433                   Social Marketing                           
BS 434                   Green Marketing                           
BS 435                   Brand Management                           
BS 436                   Product Management                           
BS 437                   Commodities Marketing                       
BS 438                   Customer Relationship Management  

Admission to Examinations
To be admitted to the examination for each course, a student must have attained a minimum score of 40% in the coursework.
Assessment of Candidates

All courses shall be assessed through coursework assessment and a formal written examination.

  • Each course will have a coursework component. The weightings of the Coursework and examination shall be 30% and 70% of the final assessment, respectively.
  •  Each course shall be formally assessed through a two or three hour written examination at the end of the appropriate semester

The assessment of Industrial Attachment shall require that a Panel of Examiners from the department determine, for each student, a coursework assessment mark, a final mark for student’s quarterly reports, and an overall mark. The Industrial Attachment mark would be based on;

  •   The student’s Industrial or Organization supervisor(s) assessment reports     (4 credits)
  • Assessment visits made by the student’s supervisor(s) to the Industry or Organization of attachment (4 credits), and the student’s Industrial Training reports submitted to the student’s university supervisor (8 credits).

The assessment of a Project Course shall be based on a dissertation submitted at a date

determined by the Departmental Board. Students shall be notified of this date at the beginning of the Course. Students may be required to present a seminar based on their projects, or to attend an oral examination on their respective projects.
The dissertation must be submitted on or before the due date. The student will submit two loose bound copies of the dissertation to the relevant department.

Two examiners will normally mark the dissertation

Determination of Results
For each course and student, the Departmental Panel of Examiners shall determine a final mark and whether that student has passed that course.

Each Departmental Panel shall submit, for each course under its control and for each student enrolled in that course, the final mark and the result to the University Board of Examiners

Awarding and Classification of the Degree
To be eligible for the award of a Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) degree in
Marketing, a student must have:

  •  Accumulated a minimum of 160 credits and
  •  Passed all core courses in the Programme.

The degree shall be classified using the results of ten courses in each part, including all
core courses, which give the student the highest score. For Part III, the classification shall be based on the Industrial Attachment and Research Project marks only. The weighting shall be as follows:
Part I    =    20%
Part II    =    30%
Part III    =    20%
Part IV    =    30%

Publication of Results
Results shall be published in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulations.

Detailed syllabuses of the Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) degree in Marketing have been lodged with the Senior Assistant Registrar in the Faculty of Commerce.