Diploma In Intelligence And Security

The Diploma in Intelligence and Security is offered at Robert Gabriel  Mugabe School of Intelligence (an Associate of Bindura University  of Science Education).

The course allows for development of specialist knowledge  and application  processes and is suited  for professionals working  within the  Intelligence society and or law enforcement agencies and can result towards promotion and on employment (subject to requirements).


To qualify for admission, applicants have to meet  the following basic requirements in terms of the general regulations for the Diploma read in conjunction with  t he general academic regulations.

  • Have obtained at least 5 O’ level subject at Grade (C) or better including English Language and Mathematics;
  • In addition, have obtained two (2) passes at A’ level in any two of the following subjects: – History, Literature in English, Geography, Accounts, Economics, Business Studies or Management of Business.
  • Have served for at least 3 years in the field of intelligence and be currently engaged  in intelligence, security, police, military or any other  security related field

The Intelligence and Security Diploma is a two (2) year  study programme delivered  at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe School of Intelligence an associate of Bindura University of Science Education.  Intelligence and Security focus usually consisting of 20 courses all core which must successfully completed through continuous assessments, tests and a  final examination. To achieve  the diploma, you must also pass.  The  research project to show knowledge  of both theory and practice accumulated  during the course.  This type of study is suited to career professionals working with  the intelligence society and  or law enforcement