Collins Chikomba

Collins ChikombaAcademic Profile for Collins Chikomba

  • MSc in Security & Risk Mgt (University of Leicester) UK 2003


1. Collins P Chikomba, Mercy Dube, and Stephen Tsekeya: An investigation into the effectiveness of risk management policies employed on credit finance to SME’s: a case study of SEDCO, Bindura Satellite Branch, Zimbabwe. Business and Management Research Journal – Ms Number: BMRJ-13-002.

2. Collins P Chikomba: Retail Shopping Mall Security; Raising awareness of crime risks against business in Zimbabwe – [A case study of Joina City Mall, Harare – June 2022-July 2012]. Global Advanced Research Journal of Arts and Humanities (GARJAH), Ms Number: GARJAH-13-001.

3. D Damiyano, Edwin Mushanyuri, and Collins P Chikomba: An investigation of Zimbabwe’s manufacturing sector competitiveness. International Journal of Development and Sustainability Online ISSN: 2168-8662 – Volume 1 Number 2, September 2012 (In Press) ISDS Article ID: IJDS12081103.

4. Journal of the Zimbabwe Institute of Management: Dealing with Crime, Fraud & Corruption in Zimbabwe. (3rd Quarter 2000 publication)

Major Research Projects

  •  Enterprise Sabotage (A case study of Itec Zimbabwe)
  •  Corruption-By Design: A critical insight in corruption, deviance and facilitators in public policing in Zimbabwe.
  •  The significance of regulating AML: A critical analysis into ML and its facilitators in Zimbabwe. The Emergence and Effects of Plastic Cards & Electronic Banking Crime in Zimbabwe (A Barclays Bank 2001-2002 Case Study)
  •  Economics not ethics must determine Commercial Security.
  •  Purchasing security. **** All work-in-progress

Extension Services

Working with the local Bindura major Retail Store Supermarkets, to wit; Okay, TM, and Spar to reduce STORE THEFTS by training their staff on Security and Store Fraud Loss Prevention (2016).


Three MOU’s with one local organisation and two regional/international universities, to wit;
(1)The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ),
(2)University of Johannesburg (UJ) Republic of South Africa, and
(3)Charles Stuart University Australia, have been solicited (this 2016) and are being cultivated with a view to work together in establishing and promoting professional, educational and ethical standards cooperative relationships and exploration of opportunities to work together in the development of existing, and or, new programs in the core areas of: Financial Intelligence, Intelligence & Security, Policing, Security Risk Management, and Criminalistics (Investigative Criminology) among other criminal law / law enforcement specialist areas