Bachelor of Business Administration in Police and Security Studies

The programme is a 3 year degree course and  is delivered in collaboration with Zimbabwe Republic Police and has the following core elements:

  • Criminal Investigation
  • Criminal Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Powers of Police Officers
  • Criminal Investigation Techniques
  • Forensic Science (theories – finding and recovering scientific evidence, what forensic science is capable of ) and Criminology  (Crime in context to society)

This Course is suitable for students with, a wide variety  of backgrounds and relevant work experience in private and public security and policing, intelligence services, prison service and military.

Our selection criteria places considerable emphasis on your intellectual ability, your motivation and commitment, and the contribution you can make  to the course as a whole.

Career/Job Opportunities:

The  course equips graduates  with critical and analytical skills that put them in a position to be employed or promoted in their areas of specialty at their work places.

Entry Requirements:

To qualify, applicants must over and above the stated attributes, meet the following basic requirements in terms of the general regulations.

  • Have obtained at least 5 O’ level subject at Grade (C) or better including English Language and Mathematics;
  • In addition, have obtained two (2) passes at A’ level in any two of the following subjects: – History, Literature in English, Geography, Accounts, Economics, Business Studies or Management of Business.
  • Holders of a certificate or Diploma in Police and Security  Studies or equivalent  will qualify for admission under mature of  special entry rule  of the general  regulations

Part 1
Code                                   Course Description

PS101                                    Criminal Law
PS102                                    French I
PS103                                    Interpretation of Statutes
PS104                                    Security Studies
PS105                                    Industrial Attachment I
AC101                                   Financial Accounting 1 A
AC102                                   Business Law
AC107                                   Financial Accounting 1B
EC101                                    Economic Principles 1
EC107                                    Economic Principles 2
CS101                                    Introduction to Computer Science
BS101                                    Business Administration
BS109                                    Company Law
HS101                                    HIV and AIDS Education
PC108                                    Citizenship Education & Conflict Transformation
PC103                                    Communication Skills

Part 2
Code                                     Course Description

AC201                                   Financial Accounting 2A
AC202                                   Financial Accounting 2B
AC204                                   Computing Science for Accountants
AC205                                   Auditing Principles & Procedures I
AC206                                   Auditing Principles and Procedures 2
AC207                                   Financial Management 1
BS209                                    Research Methods
BS211                                    Taxation
BS217                                    Information Systems 1
PS201                                    Constitutional Law
PS202                                    Human Rights and Policing
PS203                                    Public Policy and Policy Analysis
PS204                                    French 2
PS205                                    Contemporary Policing
PS206                                    Fraud management
PS207                                    Administrative Law
PS208                                    Leadership and Conflict Transformation
PS210                                    Industrial Attachment 2
AC203                                   Computing Science for Accountancy

Part 3
Code                                     Course Description

AC401                                   Financial Accounting 3A
AC402                                   Financial Accounting 3B
AC404                                   Financial Management 11
BS302                                    Risk Management
BS401                                    Strategic Management 1
BS414                                    Strategic Management 2
BS422                                    Human Resources Management
BS423                                    Organizational Behaviour
BS426                                    E-Commerce
PS301                                    Criminology
PS302                                    Principles and Methods of Investigation
PS303                                    Gender Studies
PS304                                    Investment Portfolio Management
PS305                                    Project
PS307                                    French 3
PS308                                    Criminal Procedure
PS309                                    Law of Evidence