Bachelor of Business Studies Honours degree in Human Capital Management

To qualify for normal entry into the Bachelor of Business Studies  (Honours) degree in Human Capital Management at Bindura University of Science Education, prospective students, in addition to satisfying the minimum conditions prescribed under the General Regulations, must

  • Have obtained at least five ‘O’ Level subjects including English Language and Mathematics passed with a Grade C or better,
  • Have obtained ‘A’ level passes in at least two of the following subjects: Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Business Studies and Management of Business.

NB: Special or Mature Entry admissions shall be in accordance with the General Regulations.

Part I
Code                     Description

AC101                   Financial Accounting 1A
AC102                   Business Law
AC107                   Financial Accounting 1B
BS101                    Business Administration
BS102                    Quantitative Analysis for Business 1
BS103                    Business Communication
BS109                    Company Law
EC101                    Economics Principles 1
EC102                    Introduction to Psychology
EC104                    Introduction to Sociology
EC107                    Economics Principles 11
CS101                    Introduction To Computer Science
HS101                    HIV/AIDS Education
PC108                    Citizenship Education and Conflict Transformation
PC103                    Communication Skills

Code                     Description

BS201                    Quantitative Analysis for Business 2
BS202                    Principles of Marketing 1
BS203                    Corporate Finance 1
BS205                    Industrial and Labor Relations
BS206                    Management 1
BS209                    Research Methods
BS212                    Management 2
BS213                    Corporate Finance 2
BS214                    Public Relations
BS217                    Information Systems 1
BS222                    Entrepreneurship
BS225                    Training and Development
BS227                    Labor Law
EC201                    Labour Economics

Code                     Description

BS300                    Industrial Attachment
BS301                    Research Project

Part IV
Code                     Description

BS401                    Strategic Management 1
BS405                    Production & Operations Management
BS406                    Managerial Economics
BS407                    Project Management
BS408                    Information Systems 2
BS410                    Corporate Governance
BS411                    Management of Change
BS414                    Strategic Management 2
BS422                    Human Resources Management
BS423                    Organizational Behavior
BS424                    Human Resources Planning, Selection and Recruitment
BS430                    Health, Safety and Welfare
BS431                    Compensation