Dr. Never Mafuse

Never Mafuse


  • PhD – Fort Hare
  • MSc Management of Development (Rural Development and HIV/AIDS) – Van Hall Larenstein (Netherlands)
  • B.Sc. Agricultural Economics and Management – BUSE
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management, UZ
Department: Agricultural Economics, Extension and Education

Areas of Research Interest:

  • Adoption of Agricultural innovation, Market Access and market linkages.

Current research projects:

  • The use of off-farm storage facilities in marketing of soya -beans for smallholder farmers.

Recent publications (2010 to 2013): 

  1. Social Capital. Contribution of Rural communities in supporting the livelihoods of widows. 
  2. Transfer of learning: Factors Influencing the Transfer of Learning in Training Smallholder Farmers by Agritex Extension Workers in Zimbabwe on Moisture Conservation Innovations
  3. A comparative analysis of profitability of cotton production under contract and non-contract farming.
  4. Trends in Profitability and Measure of Government Protection in Sorghum Production (Zimbabwe)
  5. Seed cotton contract farming among small holder farmers: the case of Mashonaland Central province, Zimbabwe


Social Capital.  Communities Supporting Livelihood of Widows.