Dr. Renias Chivheya

Dr Renias ChivheyaQualifications

  • Masters of Education (Agriculture) UZ (2007)
  • Bachelor of Education(Agriculture)UZ  (1998)
  • Certificate in Education(Agriculture)Belvedere (1986)
  • Certificate in Agriculture ,Mlezu(1983)

Position: Lecturer

E-mail: rchivheya@buse.ac.zwrchivheya@gmail.com

Short Biography
Extensive experience in formal and adult education, management of rural development, agricultural extension, management of small scale agricultural projects in rural areas and farming clubs.

Research Interests

  • Agricultural Education and Extension
  • Pig, poultry and goat nutrition research,education and extension
  • Curriculum development
  • Book and module writing
  • Animal science education

Research and Publications


  1. Chivheya,R and Edziwe,X (2012) Agriculture Teacher Education in Zimbabwe: A teacher –Mentors’ View of Trainee Teachers Holding National Certificate in Agriculture. Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies Vol 3 (4),495
  2. Vongai Mpofu, Tendai Samukange, Lovemore Kusure, Tinoidzwa Zinyandu, Chingombe Wiseman, Renias Chivheya ,Luckson Mukavhi,Isaac Gwizangwe, Magomelo Mike   Challenges of Virtual and Open Distance Science Teacher Education in Zimbabwe Vol 13, Issue No1 206-219 
  3. J. Chimvuramabwe, R. Chivheya. J P Musara, L.Mujuru,C. T. Gadzirai, I.W. Nyakudya. C.A.T. Katsvanga,J.Mupangwa and. Effect of feeding graded levels of Adansonia digitata (baobab) seed cake on the perfomance of broilers Vol 11,Issue 3: 1442-1449


Chivheya R and Washaya S  Introduction to Animal Science Module EAG106 Renias Chivheya , J. Chimvuramabwe, N. Mafuse, N ,Manyumwa. Introduction to  Agricultural Education and Extension EAG104


  1. 1st National Science & Mathematics Teacher ‘Conference  Carrying out practical demonstrations to a large  biology class. 7th September 2013-04-17
  2. Teaching  and learning Lecturer  Workshop . Item Writing Techniques
  3. Teaching and learning Student Workshop. How to answer examination items. 

Recent Extension Work

  1. FAO Conservation agriculture : Management of Demonstration plots in Bindura and Madziwa district.
  2. Training Farmers in Mashonaland Central awarding Special Certificate in Agriculture Practice

Areas of research Interest

  1. Animal Nutrition
  2. Agriculture Education and Extension

Research in progress

Evaluation of veld turnip dicholis kilimandscharicus leaves and seeds’ supplimental effects on  Zimbabwe indigenous  pig performance and carcass quality.