Dr Christopher T. Gadzirayi

Dr Christopher GadzirayiQualifications

  • PhD Animal production Science 2014 (BUSE)
  • Med – Agricultural Education 1999 (UZ)
  • Bed – Agriculture 1988 (UZ)
  • Secondary Teachers certificate 1984 (GTC)
  • Certificate in Agriculture 1983 (Mlezu)
  • Certificate in Environmental Education, 2003 (Rhodes University – SA)


Agricultural/ Environment Articles

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Agri-Business and Education Articles

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Agriculture Articles 

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Post Graduate Research Projects Supervised 

  1. 2008 – 2009 MSc Agroforestry – Effect of feeding graded levels of baobab seed cake on the performance of broilers: Joseph Chimvuramahwe. (B0621970)
  2. 2008– 2009 MSc Agroforestry -Adoption of agro-forestry technologies among small-holder farmers: A case of Zimbabwe: Cosmas Parwada. (B0621968)
  3. 2010 – 2011 MSc Agroforestry  – An analysis of Moringa oleifera cultivation practices by smallholder farmers in different agro ecological regions of Zimbabwe: Mudyiwa Silas. (B0119300)
  4. 2010 2011 MSc Agroforestry  – Effect of plant density and cutting frequency on performance of Moringa oleifera provenances: Friday N. M. Kubiku. (B0420445)
  5. 2011 – 2013 MSc Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sustainability –  Optimising the DNA extraction protocol that can yield the best DNA quality for genetic analysis and establish the M. oleifera provenance that can be used for the production of high nutrient composition fodder in Zimbabwe:  Lesley Marisa (B1026429)
  6. 2013 – 2014 MSc Agroforestry – Cultivation practices and utilisation of Marula (Sclerocarya birrea) by smallholder farmers of Vuravhi communal lands in Chivi: Andrew Tapiwa Kugedera (B1336307)
  7. 2014 – 2015 MSc Agroforestry – the contribution of agroforestry practices on food production and household income: the case of Chivi district in Masvingo province: Chinoda Tafara. (B1440766)
  8. 2015 – 2016 MPhil – Factors affecting adoption of organic farming among small holder farmers in Zimbabwe. A case of Mashonaland east province: Simbarashe Dube. (B1025004)
  9. 2016 PhD Proposal for R. Foti: Risk Optimization and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Zimbabwe’s Communal Farming Systems

Papers Presented

  1. 2003 Integration of natural resource management in school agricultural curriculum Young Women Christian Association Centre, Harare 
  2. 2003 A level agricultural research guide ZESA training centre
  3. 2004 Relevance of natural resource management in school curriculum Management Training Bureau, Harare
  4. 2005 School Community Nutrition Gardens For The Malnourished Children and HIV/AIDS infected and Affected families. The Netherlands
  5. 2007 The role of Universities in the promotion of Technical and vocational education in Zimbabwe Hotel Redcliff, Kwekwe
  6. 5-8 March 2008 Organic farming standards and certification in Zimbabwe: the current position.Dzimbahwe Lodge, Harare
  7. 2008 Organic farming: Zimbabwe’s policy position 18-19 AUGUST Dzimbahwe Lodge, Harare.
  8. 2012 Tailoring Conservation Farming to Climate Change:   14 -15June 2012 LUXEMBURG SEMINAR THE SOLIDARITY ECONOMY, RURAL DEVELOPMENT Cresta Oasis
  9. 2012 Coping with Drought and Climate Change in Small holder farms through IKS: Case of Masvingo Low Veld Area; National Agriculture Investment and Product Innovation Conference: 
  10. Agriculture as a Tool for Rural Development (27-30 March 2012) Rainbow Towers, Harare
  11. 2012 Cultivation practices and utilisation of moringa oleifera provenances by small holder farmers: case of  Zimbabwe.  Southern and eastern African association for farming systems    research extension (SEAAFSRE) eleventh regional conference 19-21 November 2012, South Africa, Pretoria.Saint George Hotel and Conference Center.
  12. 2012 Conservation agriculture technologies and promotion,  FAO Review workshop. Kadoma ranch hotel: 3 & 4 November 2012.
  13. 2013 Enhancing farmer productive capacity: case of action research based conservation agriculture National Agribusiness Forum (NAF). 26 – 28 February 2013 Rainbow Towers, Harare.
  14. 2013 The performance of Indigenous chickens fed on leaf meal as a protein supplement 01 March 2013, Zimbabwe Women Poultry & small livestock Farmers Trust Forum, 12Lawson Avenue ,Harare.
  15. 2014 Conservation agriculture up-scaling: lessons learnt Mazowe hotel, 22 and 23 July 2014
  16. 2014 Enhancing farmer productive capacity: case of action research based conservation agriculture, 6/9/14, RIE-SET U/Z 
  17. 2014 Sustainable indigenous fertiliser development using value chains of agricultural residues in Zimbabwe 15/11/ 2014, Bindura university of science education – Zimbabwe.
  18. 2014 Organic Pesticidal-plants: Uses and prospects for scaling up. 9/10/2014, Mendel Training Centre
  19. 2015 Enhancing agricultural soil fertility in Zimbabwe using value chains of crop residues;  annual conference 2015: Monday 2nd – Thursday 5th March 2015, CSIR – Soil Research Institute – Kwadaso – Kumasi – Ghana 
  20. 2015 The Effect of Provenance, Plant Spacing and Cutting Interval on Leaf Biomass Yield of Moringa Oleifera Lam.  RIO-SET 2015. 03/09/15, NUST, Bulawayo.
  21. 2015 The effects of biochar-vemicompost mixes on crop productivity in Zimbabwe. 
  22. Presented at the Research and Intellectual Outputs, Science Engineering and technology (RIO-SET Sept            National University of Science and technology. Zimbabwe Poster presentation]
  23. 2015 Opportunities for Boosting Animal Health through Tannin Containing Leaf Meals. Case of Moringa Oleifera Leaf in Chicken Production. Optimisation of Pestcidal-plants: Technology Innovation, Outreach & Networks (OPTIONs) Workshop Mandel Training Centre, Harare Thursday, 29 October 2015
  24. 2016 Energy, health, agricultural and environmental benefits from biochar use: Building capacities in ACP countries: Southern Africa BiocharPlus Activities and Action Plans for Zimbabwe: Presented at the International conference, Monday 29th February to 4th March 2016 Nairobi in Kenya:
  25. 2016 Energy, health, agricultural and environmental benefits from BiocharPlus. Building capacities in ACP countries FINAL WORKSHOP MEETING 2016. Action Plans for Southern Africa-Zimbabwe.: Presented at the International conference, Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th December 2016, San Servolo, Venice, Italy
  26. 2017 The effects of biochar – vermicompost mixes (biofertiliser) on crop productivity: The 2nd International workshop on Pesticidal Plants. 6 -9 February 2017, Kingdom Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.