Dr Tatenda Goche

Contact details


  • PhD in Botany at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa (2016 – 2018)
  • MSc in Crop Science – Plant Breeding at the University of Zimbabwe (2013-2014)
  • BSc Honours in Agriculture – Crop Science at the University of Zimbabwe (2008 – 2011)

Research interests

  • Plant Physiology
  • Plant Proteomics, Transcriptomics and Genomics
  • Responses of Plants to Abiotic Stress

Professional Memberships/Societies

  • South African Association of Botanists (SAAB), January 2017- present
  • Southern African Plant Breeders’ Association (SAPBA), May 2020 – present


Reviewer of the following accredited referred journals

  • Genes – MDPI
  • Plant Genetic Resources


Current Research and Grants

Project TitleFunding OrganisationDuration
Investigating Sorghum Strategies to Enlist Soil Microbes for Drought Survival and Accessing Locked Nutrients

The Royal Society – Newton International Fellowship

Amount: US$ 150 000.00

2022 – 2025


Recent Publications

Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Ngara, R., Goche, T., Swanevelder, D. Z. H., Chivasa, S (2021). Sorghum’s Whole-Plant Transcriptome and Proteome Responses to Drought Stress: A Review. Life, 11: 704
  2. Goche, T., Nemera, G. S., Cummings, I., Brown, A. P., Chivasa, S and Ngara, T (2020). Comparative physiological and root proteome analyses of two sorghum varieties responding to water limitation. Scientific Reports, 10:11835, 1-18.
  3. Ngcala, G.M., Goche, T., Brown, A.P., Chivasa, S and Ngara, R (2020). Heat Stress Triggers Differential Protein Accumulation in the Extracellular Matrix of Sorghum Cell Suspension Cultures. Proteomes, 8:29, 1-19
  4. Tibugari, H., Mafere, G., Dube, S., Chakavarika, M., Mandumbu, R., Musara, J.P., Mapuranga, T., Gumbo, T., Banda, A., Mathema, N., Goche, T., Zvigumbu, B.M and Mpofu, N (2020). Worrying cadmium and lead levels in a commonly cultivated vegetable irrigated with river water in Zimbabwe. Cogent Biology, 6:1, 1802814, 1-9.
  5. Ramulifho, E., Goche, T., Van As, J., Tsilo, T., Chivasa, S. and Ngara, R. (2019). Establishment and characterization of callus and cell suspension cultures of selected Sorghum bicolor(L.) Moench varieties: A resource for gene discovery in plant stress biology. Agronomy, 9:218, 1-18.


Published Peer-reviewed conference abstracts

  1. Goche, T., Chivasa, S., Ngara, R., 2018. Combined use of sorghum and Arabidopsis to study protein networks regulating adaptive responses to drought. Hosted by the University of Pretoria, South Africa from 9 – 12 January 2018. Abstract published in the South African Journal of Botany 115, 286–287. doi:10.1016/j.sajb.2018.02.043
  2. Goche, T., Chivasa, S., Ngara, R., 2017. Physiological and biochemical responses of sorghum to drought stress. Hosted at Lagoon Beach Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa from 9 – 12 January 2017. Abstract published in the South African Journal of Botany 109, 336. doi:10.1016/j.sajb.2017.01.060
  3. Ngara, R., Ramulifho, E., Lekekela, M., Moloi, S., Goche, T., 2017. Exploring sorghum’s adaptive responses towards drought and salinity stresses. Hosted at the Lagoon Beach Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa. Abstract published in the South African Journal of Botany 109, 360. doi:10.1016/j.sajb.2017.01.146

Conference presentations

  1. Chivasa, S., Goche, T., Ngara, R., 2022. The Royal Society of the United Kingdom Conference. Title: Anhydobiosis – cheating death and telling the tale. Theo Murphy International Scientific meeting. Organised by Prof Roy Quinlan and Prof Takekazu Kunieda. 21 – 23 March 2022.
  2. Goche, T., Chivasa, S., Ngara, R., 2017. Proteome and Gene Expression Analysis of Osmotic Stress Responsive Genes in Sorghum and Arabidopsis :Federation of African Societies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (FASBMB) and The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society of Zimbabwe (BMBSZ) International Symposium : Applications of Biochemistry in Everyday Life; Health and Disease, Agriculture and Biotechnology, the Environment, 14th – 15th December 2017, Holiday Inn Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe.
  3. Goche, T., Chivasa, S., Ngara, R., 2017. Gene Expression Analysis of Sorghum under Drought Stress. Poster presented at the Sorghum in the 21st Century Conference. 9th – 12th April 2018, Century City Centre, Cape Town, South Africa