Charles Karavina


  • Master of Science in Crop Protection (University of Zimbabwe).
  • Bachelor of Agriculture (Honours) Crop Science

Areas of Research

  • Plant Disease Epidemiology and Management.

Current Research

  • Evaluation of brassicas for nematode management.

Recent Publications (2010-2013) 

  1. Mandumbu R, S.J. Twomlow, Jowah, P, Mashingaidze N, Hove L and Karavina C. 2012. Weed seed bank response to tillage and residue management in semi-arid Zimbabwe. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 45 (18): 2165 – 2176
  2. Tibugari H, Mandumbu R, Jowah P and Karavina C. 2012. Farmer knowledge, attitude and practice on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) pest management strategies in Zimbabwe. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 45(20): 2395 – 2405
  3. Karavina C and Mandumbu R (2012). Biofumigation for crop protection: potential for adoption in Zimbabwe. Journal of animal and plant Sciences 14 (3): 1996 – 2005
  4. Parwada Cosmas, Gadzirayi Christopher, Karavina Charles and Munyati Vincent T. 2012. A review of agroforestry technologies adoption among small-holder farmers in Zimbabwe. Journal of Sustainable Development Studies 1(1): 68-92.
  5. Karavina Charles and Mandumbu Ronald. 2012.. Phytoparasitic Nematode Management Post-Methyl Bromide: Where to for Zimbabwe? International Journal of Agricultural Technology 8(4): 1141-1160. Available online ISSN 1686-9141.
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  7. Mandumbu R and C Karavina. 2012. Weed suppression and minor crop response in maize/pumpkin intercropping systems of Zimbabwe. Journal of Agricultural Science 4(7): 231-236. Available online at ISSN 1916-5539.
  8. Karavina C, R. Mandumbu, C Parwada and T. Mungunyana. 2012. Variety and Planting Date Effects on the Incidence of Bollworms and Insect Sucking Pests of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences 3(3): 607-610. Available online at ISSN 0976-1675.
  9. Zivenge E and Karavina C. 2012. Analysis of factors influencing market channel access by communal horticulture farmers in Chinamhora District, Zimbabwe. Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics 4(6): 147-150. Available online
  10. Tibugari H, Mombeshora D, Mandumbu R, Karavina C and C. Parwada. 2012. A comparison of the effectiveness of the aqueous extracts of garlic, castor beans and marigold in the biocontrol of root-knot nematode in tomato. Journal of Agricultural Technology 8(2): 479-492. Available online ISSN 1686-9141.
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  14. Karavina C, E. Zivenge, R. Mandumbu and C. Parwada. 2011. Jatropha curcas Production in Zimbabwe: Uses, challenges and the Way Forward. Modern Applied Science 5(2): 239-243. Available online ISSN 1913-1844 E-ISSN 1913-1852

Recent Conferences: 

  1. Karavina C and Mandumbu R. 2012. Biofumigation for Crop Protection: potential for adoption in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the Egerton University International Conference, 26-28 September 2012, Kenya.
  2. Mandumbu R, Karavina C and Mudzengi T. 2012. Effect of two organic fertilisers on Phaseolus vulgaris growth and yield. Presented at the Research and Intellectual Expo, Zimbabwe. The conference was held on 5 – 7 September 2012, University of Zimbabwe.
  3. Mandumbu R, Karavina C, Kudangirana W and Parwada C. 2012. The effect of crop row orientation and plant population on maize productivity and weeds. Presented at the Ergerton University International Conference, 26 – 28 September 2012, Kenya.
  4. Tibugari H, P Jowah, R Mandumbu, C Karavina and C Parwada. 2012. Cotton Insecticide Resistance Management Strategies in Zimbabwe: Impact of Climate Change. Paper presented at the Second Biennial International Conference and Exhibition, 18-19 April 2012, Lagos, Nigeria.