Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Animal Science

Animal Science at Bindura University of Science Education is an excellent preparation for professional careers in animal production, animal breeding, nutrition and health. The programme covers the fundamental and applied biology aspects of animal science, thus providing students with a sound scientific base for careers in a growing technological livestock industry worldwide. Animal Science graduates are scientifically empowered for competitive scientific research, managerial services in commercial firms and specialist advisory services. The Animal Science Unit is engaged in teaching, research and extension related to the sustainable production and improvement of livestock and animal by-products.

Entry Requirements:

All applicants have to meet  the following minimum requirements for admission prescribed under the general regulations (i.e.):

  • Have obtained at least five Ordinary Level subject passes including English Language and Mathematics passed with a grade C or better
  • Passes at Advanced Level in at least two subjects as follows:
    Category 1: Any two of the following, Biology, Agriculture, Chemistry, Physics and Food Science.
    Category 2: Either Mathematics or Geography in addition to any one subject in Category 1.


Structure of the Programme 
Part I
Code           Description      
AG 101        Introduction to Agricultural Economics
AG 102        Introduction to Sociology and Ethics in Agriculture
AG 103        Introduction to Statistics for Agriculture
AG 104        Introduction to Agricultural Education and  Extension
CS 101         Introduction to Computer Science
AG 106         Introduction to Animal Science
ES 103         Introduction to Plant  Science
AGE 102       Communication in Agricultural Education and Extension
AGP 101        Practical Agricultural Management I  
AGP 102        Practical Agricultural Management II
ES 102          Introduction to Soil Science
ES 103          Introductory Plant Science
HS 101          HIV/AIDS Education            
PC 108          Citizenship Education and Conflict Transformation
PC 103          Communication Skills 

Code            Description                                                     
AG 201        Principles of Agricultural Marketing
AG 202        Principles of Organic Farming
AG 203        Farm Business Management I 
AG 210        Project Appraisal
AG 205        Principles of Agronomy
AG 207        Principles of Animal Production
AG 209        Research Methods in Agriculture
AGE 204       Land Use and Natural Resources Evaluation
AGE 207       Agricultural Extension
AGM 204       Agribusiness Management I
AGM 207       Agricultural Trade and Development 
AGA 205       Principles of Animal Nutrition
BS 222          Entrepreneurship
ES 209          GIS and Remote Sensing

AG 301          Research Project
AGP 301        Attachment

Code             Description     
AG 403         Agricultural Marketing
AG 406         Soil and Water Management
AGE 401        Management of Extension Programmes
AGE 403        Animal Nutrition
AGE 407        Post-harvest Crop Management
AGE 408        Rangeland Animal Production
AGE 409        Evaluation and Measurement in Agricultural Education and Extension
AGE 410        Rural Development and Gender Issues in Agriculture
AGM 404        Farm Business Management II
AGM 405        Agribusiness Management II
ES 402           Curriculum Development
ES 404           Agro-forestry
ES 407           Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition