Dr. Lazarus D. K. Dokora


  • DPhil (UZ),
  • DipPHE (Univ of Surrey),
  • MA Communication (Carleton University, Ottawa),
  • Univ T. Cert (UZ),
  • BA Spec Hons (UZ),
  • BEd (St Pauls College, Glos University)

Position: Lecturer, Department of Languages & Communication Skills

Phone:  +263 712 806 232
Email: ldokora@buse.ac.zw

Research interests

  • Media and the Global South
  • Political economy of communication
  • Cultural flows and communication
  • Intersection of policy, media and practices
  • Youth, media policy and consumption
  1. eBook chapter arising out of participation in an international conference (India)
  2. Access to information in time of crisis: The UNESCO information for all Programme Priorities and the COVID-19 pandemic. (Proceedings of a Three-Day International Conference, 26-28 August, 2020, p.71-84. ‘The role of media and infiormation literacies (MILs)in combating COVID-19 infodemics: Some experiences from Zimbabwe’. Dokora L D K L, Mavesera M & Madziko I.
  3. Panellist & Paper presenter on Conference on AI4IA hosted by University of Alberta, Canada, in the UNESCO Information for All Programme (IFAP), 26-28 September 2020.
    ‘The critical political economy of information’ Dokora L D K. (Session on Mis/Dis/Mal-Information and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as both a tool and remedy.