Dr Chikuvadze Pinias

Dr Pinias Chikuvadze


Phone Number: 0777 358 002/0713220622

Office: G05/G06


  • PhD (Philosophy and Policy Studies in Education) (University of the Free State, 2020).
  • MScEd (Curriculum Studies) (Bindura University of Science Education, 2010).
  • Licentiate Degree in Education (Biology) (‘Enrique Jose Varona’ Higher Institute of Pedagogy, 1999).                                   

Area of Research Interest 

  • Gender issues in institutions
  • Guidance and counseling in rural schools.
  • Policy issues in education


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Peer Review Works.

  • International Journal of Educational Research and Review.
  • Issues in Business Management and Economics.
  • Makerere Journal of Higher Education.
  • Perspectives in Education.
  • Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review.
  • Issues in Scientific Research.
  • Research Journal for Food Science and Nutrition.