Diploma in Science Education – Mathematics and Geography (Dip.ScEdMG) Full Time: 3 years

Have passed five ‘O’ levels including a Science subject, Mathematics, Geography and English Language.

General Courses

Code               Narration

PC001             Theoretical Foundations of Education
PC002             Basic Communication Skills
PC003             Curriculum Study
PC004             Health Education
PC005             Pedagogics
PC006             Conflict Transformation
PC007             Pre-Practicum
PC008             Practicum
PC009             Research Methods and Project  

Subject Area Courses

The subject area courses are offered in the following departments: Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics and Physics.

Agricultural Sciences Courses

Code       Narration                                                                      

DAE101   Principles of Plant and Soil Science       
DAE102   Principles of Animal Sciences                                          
DAE103   Introduction to Farm Engineering                                             
DAE104   Agricultural Economics                                                    
DAE105   Principles of Crop Production                                          
DAE106   Animal Production I                                                                          
DAE107   Farm Mechanization I                                                      
DAE108   Farm Management I                                                         
DAE109   Irrigation and Soil Conservation              
DAE110   Farm Management II                                                        
DAE111   Crop Production II                                                           
DAE112   Animal Production II                                                       
DAE113   Agro forestry and Wildlife Management   

Biology Courses

Code      Narration                                                   

BZ001     Cell Biology                                                     
BZ002     Biological Molecules                                     
BZ003     Plant and animal Nutrition                           
BZ004     Transport Systems                                         
BZ005     Heredity and Genetics                                  
BZ006     Introduction to Biochemistry                       
BZ007     Biodiversity and Ecosystems                        
BZ008     Regulations and Control                                                   
BZ009     Plant Science                                                
BZ010     Introduction to Biotechnology                                   
BZ011     Growth, Development and Reproduction                  
BZ012     Human Health and Diseases                                      
BZ013     Introduction to Biomathematics

Mathematics Courses

Code        Narration                                                   

MT001     Pure Mathematics 1                                                 
MT002     Statistics 1
MT003     Applied Education in Mathematics 1                       
MT004     Mechanics 1
MT005     Pure Mathematics 2                                       
MT006     Statistics 2                                                    
MT007     Applied Education in Mathematics 2                       
MT008     Mechanics 2                                                   
MT009     Pure Mathematics 3                                       
MT010     Applied Education in Mathematics 3                                     
MT011     Pure Mathematics 4                                       
MT012     ICT in Mathematics Education                    

Geography Courses

Code        Narration                                                      

GG001     Introduction to Physical Geography                                                                 
GG002     Introduction to Human Geography                            
GG003     Techniques and Skills in Physical Geography          
GG004     Aspects of Social Geography                                     
GG005     Techniques and Skills in Human Geography            
GG006     Population Geography                                            
GG007     Climatology                                                                         
GG008     Aspects of the Environment                                        
GG009     Geomorphology                                                                    
GG010     Settlement Geography          
GG011     Agricultural Geography                                            
GG012     Economic Geography                                    

Physics Courses

Code       Narration                                                      

PH001     Introductory Mechanics        
PH002     Thermal Physics                                            
PH003     Introductory Electricity and Magnetism             
PH004     Modern Physics                                             
PH005     Basic Electronics                                                                    
PH110     Mechanics 1                                                                  
PH111     Thermodynamics                                                                     
PH112     Quantum Theory                                            
PH113     Electricity and Magnetism 1                                         
PH114     Analogue Electronics 1                                                      
PH012     Experimental Physics Laboratory 1                
PH013     Experimental Physics Laboratory 2                

Chemistry Courses

Code        Narration                                                      

CH001     General Chemistry   
CH002     Introduction to Laboratory Techniques                    
CH003     Chemistry Practicals 1                                  
CH004     Inorganic Chemistry                                     
CH005     Physical Chemistry                                        
CH106     Organic Chemistry                                        
CH107     Analytical Chemistry                                                  
CH108     Transition Metal Chemistry                                                                    
CH109     Phase Equilibria         
CH110     Chemistry Practicals 2                                   
CH011     Introduction to Industrial Chemistry         
CH012     Principles of Environmental Chemistry

Computer Science Courses

Code      Narration                                                                          

CS001     Introduction to Computer Systems                                                                           
CS002     Computer Applications I                                                   
CS003     Computer Applications II                                                              
CS004     Fundamentals of Data Communications and Networking                                         
CS005     Logic and Algorithms                                                                    
CS006     Microcomputer Architecture                                                     
CS007     Systems Analysis and Design                                                                                
CS008     Computer Programming I                                                                                          
CS009     Data Structures                                                                                        
CS010     Fundamentals of Database Management                                   
CS011     Computer Systems Administration                                               
CS012     Computer Programming II                                                   
CS013     Management Information Systems