Debater on a Mission

First year Bindura University of Science Education student Raymord Nyasha Moyo is a man on a mission. His passion for presenting logical arguments has catapulted into an elite group of 56 African tertiary students who are set to battle in the 2023 Olympia Invitational tournament in Kampala Uganda from the 15th to the 18th of February.

Ray will represent BUSE and the nation after winning a string of local, regional and international tournaments in 2022. The affable young debater is kin on not only achieving international renown but also growing the BUSE Debate Union’s profile on the international scene.

To know more about Raymond and his passion for debating, Meeting Point had a conversation with the lanky student.

Read on:

Meeting Point: Tell us a little bit about Raymond. Who is Raymond?

Raymond Moyo: Raymond is a boy aged 19 doing Chemical Technology at Bindura University of Science Education. He is currently in his first year and going to the second semester. In addition to that, the boy lives in the City of Harare. Raymond has a certain dream that he wants to attain in his quest to becoming undeniable in everything he takes part of. Hobbies such as reading a wide variety books that relate to principles and universal quantum science is part of Raymond. Narrowing it down a little bit, this can be drawn down to debate. So in conclusion Raymond is a growing debater

MP: What caused you to get interested in debate?

RM: Back in form 3. I participated in a public speaking tournament where l froze (on stage) in front of the crowd.  I then vowed never to speak in front of people ever again after that one tournament.  A debate tournament came up and my friend persuaded me into it cause he had recognised how talented l am. When we got a local coach, he made me team captain just to boost my confidence. We lost the very first debate tournament, but in me was born a confident young man who thought he could move mountains with words

MP: You have been debating for a while. Tell us about the completions you have participated in.

RM: I got recruited by the Royal Pact Debating Academy in 2022. It is an academy that recognises talent within individuals who are in high school.  I participated in my first tournament under them called Southern African National School’s Debating Championship and l managed to make the quarter finals in the Silver Plate category. The following year l participated in the Southern African National School’s Debating Championship under the Zimbabwe National Debate Team and l managed to make international finals and ended in second place.  In 2021 I also manage to make the finals of the Asian Novice British Parliamentary and I bowed out in the quarters of the Royal Debate Open in 2021. I, however, emerged as 3rd best speaker.

MP: You have been active in debate circles for a while. What is your ultimate goal?

RM: At first l thought debating was just a hobby that individuals do for fun and entertainment.  As l got more and more familiar with the sport. I started understanding that this is not a hobby, but a sport itself that trains the mind; a sport that leads to growth in it and addiction as the days goes by. My ultimate goal is to become undeniable and teach new generation of Debaters to become good at the sport too.

MP: You are set for Uganda soon. Give us details of that competition.

RM: The Olympia, an Exclusive Invitational Round Robin Tournament will bring together the annual best speakers in Africa for a 9 rounds tournament like no other. Speakers are invited individually to form only 28 teams at the tournament. In the same spirit, Olympia 2023 seeks to invite outstanding debaters of 2022 across Africa. Only 56 speakers are eligible for the tournament (forming 28 teams)

MP: How did you quality for that exclusive tournament?

RM: Note all this tournaments happened in 2022. I won the Africa IV 3rd edition in the novice category and was awarded finals best speaker. I reached the Kinniad College Open quarter finals, the MJS Judo-Eminence Open semi-finals and was second best open speaker. I competed in the USC IV Open and reached the semi-finals and Hearts Affire Open and got to the finals. After taking a break from debate, I resumed in August and made the semi-finals of Southern African National University Debating Competition and was awarded second best Open speaker as well as the best ESL speaker, and lastly, I reaches the finals of Summer Wars. This unique achievements has led me to be invited to the fourth edition of Olympia Invitational tournament

MP: What are your expectations at the Olympia?

RM: My expectations are to be in the top 4 teams which eventually lead to the finals. Secondly, I intend on making the top ten speakers. Last and most importantly, making the BUSE Debate Union be known out there.

MP: What message would you have for would be debaters?

RM: If they have a dream to weaponise intellectual ideas manifesting into proper and organised arguments. I say one thing, they should definitely go for it.