Cuban Envoy Visits Buse

Cuban Chargé D’affaires and Counsellor Mrs Yoisy Ford Garcia recently visited Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) as part of the Embassy’s programme of events to commemorate the 42nd anniversary of the diplomatic relations that exists between her country and Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe enjoys an excellent relationship with Cuba dating back to its Independence in 1980 and as a result, 3000 Science and technology professionals have been trained in that country.

The bilateral cooperation also culminated in the founding of BUSE in 1995 as a University College of Science Education with the idea itself being adapted from the Cuban system of education. Cuban lecturers were employed at its inception with more Cuban professors being recruited later starting in 2012 to teach post graduate degree programmes.

Speaking during a meeting with BUSE Vice Chancellor Prof E.Mwenje,Mrs Garcia said Cuba’s paradigm of cooperation has mainly been in the education sector to develop human capital in Zimbabwe.

“Both countries have a strategic and historical cooperation with a strong will to share expertise in new sectors. Cuba has initiated a plan to put up a production plant for vaccines that includes humans and animals. This is part of technology transfer to Zimbabwe”, she said.

“Cuba and Zimbabwe have always had a vibrant relationship, it is written in stone. Together we have worked in the international arena. In spite of the economic and political pressures imposed on Cuba by the blockade of the United States, Zimbabwe has remained firmly behind Cuba. In the same manner, Cuba rejects the sanctions against the Southern African country.

She said BUSE’S formation is a result of the bilateral cooperation between Cuba and Zimbabwe that emerged in the early 80s from the ideas of former leaders Fidel Castrol and Robert Mugabe.

Prof Mwenje expressed his gratitude to the Cuban Government for its support and said there is still need for cooperation in the exchange of lecturers for the Optometry Clinic and electronic engineering.

He said although the country is experiencing foreign currency shortages, the university was expecting some Cuban lecturers who have already been interviewed.

Ms Garcia, who was accompanied by Mr Lovemore C.K.Gwati from the Zimbabwe-Cuba Friendship Association, later toured the University’s facilities.

Cuban Chargé d'affaires and Counsellor Mrs Yoisy Ford Garcia receives a present from Prof E.Mwenje
Cuban Chargé d'affaires and Counsellor Mrs Yoisy Ford Garcia (extreme left) is shown the map of BUSE by the Director of Advancement and Public Affairs Mr Gutura (right) while Mr Lovemore C.K.Gwati from the Zimbabwe-Cuba Friendship Association (centre) looks on.