Our Services

We offer support, workshops, consultations and training for lecturers and students, production of digital learning resources, as well as practical and pedagogical assistance with complete course re-engineering.

Course re-engineering
Would you like your students to be better prepared and more active and engaged during lectures? Or are you interested in improving their learning experience, and increase interactivity and satisfaction with your course? Then a course makeover may be something for you.

At the core of our mission is the production of high quality online course modules that can be used in blended and online courses. We help you transform your traditional course into a more engaging hybrid course.
You have a course you would like to give a makeover? Then get in touch and see how we can help you.

A course makeover means that the CETID, in close collaboration with pedagogy experts from the Faculty of Science Education and the course lecturers, facilitates a development process based on your course learning objectives. The makeover will introduce new technologies and pedagogical approaches as well as new activities and resources into an existing traditional course.

The philosophy behind the course makeover is to create a smooth and dynamic process that will enhance the participating lecturers with new teaching methods and skills. This will, according to our beliefs potentially lead to future improvements in other courses as well.

Start with this online course: http://elearning.buse.ac.zw:8043/moodle/course/view.php?id=365

Staff training and support
Do you want inspiration on how to include educational technologies and innovative approaches in your teaching? Need help with a few easy steps, or are you looking for assistance with an advanced tool? Sign up for our interactive workshops and/or walk-in for a one-on-one conversation that will transform your practice forever.

We provide coordination of training and general user support for delivery and course management systems. This function entails:

  • Promoting and supporting the use of pedagogically effective learning technologies
  • Individual and Workshop-based training in eLearning
    Orientation sessions for students on how to use deployed  Systems
  • Development of digital skills needed for effective adoption and use of ICTs
  • Develop short courses, webinars, workshops and conferences for  community outreach and engagement
  • Monitoring and evaluation of adoption and  use of educational technologies

At the CETID we offer workshops, short courses and one-on-one consultations on technology supported learning and teaching for all lecturers across the University. Academic support staff on-demand trainings are also available on request.

The goal is to develop the use of educational technologies and to create activating and flexible high-quality teaching in order to enhance students’ learning experiences.

We provide both university-wide workshops that are open to all and also special tailored for your departmental and/or personal needs, where you can learn precisely the skills you need in your work.

We will be announcing future workshop/course dates on our notice board on http://elearning.buse.ac.zw:8043/moodle , but if you would like to plan a special tailored course for your team, then please get in touch on 0782708532 or pay us a visit in F13/15, FSE Complex.

Learning Technologies
Are you feeling innovative but not sure of where to begin? Do you have a technology you would like to explore? Do you have any teaching venue that needs renewal? We are ready to advise, collaborate and support you all the way through.

At CETID we develop blended learning and we support MOODLE use, lecture recording, adoption of innovative learning technology tools, renewal of teaching venues for a 21st century experience, and we support user digital fluency initiatives and programmes across the University

We facilitate access through in-house development, deployment and management of the University’s learning technology infrastructure, and the provision of LMS maintenance and administration functions. This function entails:

  • Research, acquisition, testing and deploying of eLearning technology tools and systems
  • Development of in-house digitals solutions and tools for Learning and teaching
  • Management and maintenance of learning technology equipment and software
  • Provision and administration of support systems for students and teaching staff
  • Development of classroom renewal projects
    Designing and maintaining University Learning Technologies Inquiry Labs

Multimedia Design and Production

CETID oversees and facilitates multimedia production, online media development and graphic designs. Here we will help you to:

  • Bring eLearning content to life and upload to LMS ensuring standards are adhered to;
  • Develop media scripts and storyboards, prototypes for courses and promotional materials;
  • Handle all graphics, animations, videos, scenarios, audio to produce highly interactive e-courses;
    design and develop responsive websites, update website content and design as needed
  • Design GUI for all your courseware, customize content for BUSE branding, look and feel.
    provide courseware templates for consistent user design and rapid production
  • Advise content authoring on compatible authoring tools, and technical requirements for finished products

Online Content and Course Design
We provide course re-engineering support and leaning materials production services to support the development, implementation and evaluation of open and conventional learning and teaching. This function entails:

  • Course re-engineering and makeovers
  • Content design and development
  • Course delivery and implementation
  • Course evaluation and review
  • Content curation and deployment
  • Quality testing and revising before and after uploading to LMS and other digital media