Chaplaincy Desk


To create a conducive spiritual environment for the development of the University community.


To provide spiritual education, nurturing and outreach programmes that enable the University community and external stakeholders to grow spiritually, develop sound moral values, ethics and leadership qualities.


Student Centeredness

Our Goals and Objectives.

To promote multi-faith on and off campus by providing spiritual guidance, material and moral support to University Community in an ecumenical spirit.
To coordinate all religious activities on and off campus in liaison with all registered and active groups.
To provide free counselling services by Senior Chaplain to those who are feeling low, bereaved, suicidal, and extremely burdened with life.
To make funeral arrangements and memorial services for members of the University Community.
The Senior Chaplain to visit and pray for the sick in hospitals, hostels and homes.
Increase collaboration between Chaplaincy and departments, faculties, administration and students.
To assist those who do not belong to any Christian fellowship get connected.


The office of the University Chaplain exists primarily to provide counselling, spiritual support, pastoral care and serves as the spiritual resource to the University Community. Therefore, the chaplain is the resource to administration, departments, faculties and students in addressing spiritual needs at both institutional and individual levels. In pastoral care, the Chaplain offers prayers, consolation, support and spiritual guidance to the University Community. Situations that call for visitations, counselling and pastoral care include deaths, illness of staff/student and family member of staff, personal illness, family and personal crisis. To achieve the objectives and carry out the responsibilities, as well as identifying the needs and appropriate avenues for pastoral care. The chaplain’s office works in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders of the University community. The Chaplain’s office serves as a unifying symbol of GOD in ushering God’s presence to Bindura University of Science Education