BUSE SRC Receives Life Skills

The newly elected Bindura University of Science Education Student Representative Council (SRC) was inducted at a one day Induction Orientation workshop which was organised  by the Student Affairs Department on 31 March 2021. The workshop saw a number of presenters presenting different topics meant to fully equip the new student leaders with life and leadership skills.

The SRC was appointed soon after winning elections which were held on 4 December 2020. The Council, a 12 member band comprises of Malvin Adams (President); Ruth Mandah (Vice President); Paul Chingwaru (Secretary General); Pamela Mapeto (Minister of Special Population); Blessing Taonameso (Minister of Religion); Tinashe Zivanai (Minister of Off-Campus); Mike Farai (Minister of Sports and Entertainment); Christine Shambakumanja (Legal and Academic Affairs); Rufaro (Minister of Gender); Praise Demberere (Minister of Transport); Panashe Dandira (Minister of Food and Accommodation) and  Derreck Gambura (Treasurer General).

The Quality Assurance Director, Professor Christmas Denhere who was the first speaker made an enlightening presentation on quality assurance issues. He spoke about the role of his department in ensuring that the University conforms to international set standards when it comes to quality assurance issues.  He urged the SRC to embrace quality and be custodians of it. “As SRC, be the yardstick of quality. Your eyes should see what ordinary students cannot see,” he said.

The second speaker, the Dean of Students, Mr Crispen Mazodze touched on essential aspects of University expectations of student leaders. He urged the SRC to adopt the servant type of leadership which is selfless and empathetic. He also counselled the leaders to have both performance and moral characters.

“Do what markets your University positively. As student leaders, you are brand makers in the society,” said Dean Mazodze. The Registrar, Mr Majaure Neusu who was part of the speakers presented on, ‘The Role of the SRC in University Governance and Related Components.  He explained at length the issue of University structures and urged the SRC to know University protocols as well as reporting structures. The Registrar also touched on cultural diversity and advised the SRC to embrace it. “As leaders, you are representing over 6000 students who are diverse,” he said.

In his concluding remarks, the Registrar expounded on what entails qualities of a good leader. He urged the student leaders to learn to communicate in a mature way. “Good leaders don’t threaten, they negotiate,” he noted. Other presenters on the day included the Senior Proctor, Mr TNC Mangwiro who presented on Student Discipline and the Implications for the Student Leader; Reverend E. Marima (Ethical Leadership), the Assistant Bursar, Mr J Undenge (Financial Management); Deputy Registrar HR, Mrs E. Manhando (Organising and Managing Meetings & Records); Coordinator Campus Life  and Student Development Programme, Mrs DD Murasi  (Personality Disorders and Implications for the Student Leader) and, the Sister in Charge, Mrs M Maswaure (Balancing student Leadership and Academics).