BUSE Innovations excites Ministry officials

Bindura University of Science Education’s commitment to excellence in its innovations and industrialisation thrust is set to create a knowledge driven economy premised on the desire to modernise and industrialise the nation, in line with the countries’ Vision 2030 and Education 5.0.

This came out during a visit by officials from the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development’s department of Research, Development and Innovation to check on the progress made by the University on innovation projects.

Mr Victor Masarakufa, a science and technology officer in the Ministry, expressed excitement at the innovations that they were on show at the Innovation Hub and described them as, “speaking to the innovation ideas that the country is looking for.”

“We came here to see the projects that are there and be on the same page in understanding them so that when BUSE seeks support from the Ministry, the projects won’t be presented to us as new. Although the Innovation Hub has not yet been commissioned, there are some projects which are already taking shape and ready to bring value to the institution,” he said.

“We were excited by the innovations that we saw, but the process is actually a learning one and there is always room for improvement. All in all, the innovations we saw are really speaking to innovation ideas that we are looking at and have potential to be successful.”He added, “The success of a project is measured when the project has finally graduated into a product or service, but overally something is taking place and we have something to look forward to.”

Speaking at the same occasion, the Director of Research and Innovation Department Professor Courtie Mahamadi said, “The researches and innovations require the Ministry’s intervention and we appreciate the visit and the time they took to view and assess our innovations and researches.”

The visit in pictures