Professor Amon Murwira

BUSE Hosts Manpower Planning Stakeholders Consultation Workshop


The Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development (MHTESTD), Hon. Professor Dr. Amon Murwira gave a presentation on the Manpower Planning and Development Amendment Bill as part of the stakeholderconsultation process which was held at the Bindura University of Science Education on the 15th of April 2019. He was accompanied by the Acting Permanent Secretary, Mrs Martha Muguti and other delegates from the Ministry.

The main objectives of the amendment bill was to align the Act to the Constitution; to ensure that all qualifications obtained in all higher and tertiary education institutions lead to the production of goods or services; to entrench the supremacy of the Act in all manpower development issues; and to improve the design of the manpower planning and development landscape for Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the occasion, Hon Prof Murwira emphasised on why people should stop talking about potential instead of discussing about what exactly they want to do. ‘It’s time we don’t talk about potential and talk about exactly what we want to do’ said Prof Murwira.

He added that in his first encounter with the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, His Excellency, Cde E D Mnangagwa they discussed about an education system that produces goods and services, and leads to industrialization and modernization.

The minister gave a brief overview of the current skills levels as follows: technical skills, which includes Engineering and Technology (6, 43%), Natural and Applied Sciences (3.09%), Business and Commerce (121%), Agriculture (12%), Medical and Healthy (5%), and Applied Arts and Humanities (82%). According to the above analysis, Hon Prof Murwira concluded that as a country we are not scientific at all.

The Minister also spoke on the National Strategic Intent which he said could only be achieved by developing a national capability.

‘We should have the capability to come up with something. The capability is in the brains,’ said the minister. ‘We must get out of our comfort zone and do new things. Take a different path to develop Zimbabwe and, not the usual paths’ he added.

Speaking on the education system in Zimbabwe, Hon Prof Murwira emphasized on the need to move from Education 3.0 to Education 5.0.

‘There is no way we can then fulfill our given mission using Education 3.0. Resultantly, we conceptualized a model that allows us to move from idea to product by adding innovation and industrialization to the traditional tripartite mission of teaching, research and community outreach’ said Hon Prof Murwira.