BUSE Equips Student Leaders


Forty-five BUSE student front-runners recently underwent two-day leadership training seminar meant to equip them with holistic leadership skills necessary for their different offices.

The workshop held at the holiday resort of Victoria Falls saw the Students Representative Committee (SRC), club and societies leaders, team captains, sub-wardens, faculty and class representatives being capacitated with essential knowledge on how to lead effectively.

A BUSE Alumni and former SRC President Mr Gift Tichaona Tsverere who was the guest-speaker provided some inspiration for the gathering. Mr Tsverere who is now attached to Higher Life Foundation chronicled his experiences as a student leader at BUSE, and urged the current crop to cherish the positions they had as they were stepping stones to higher offices.

The Dean of Students Dr RK Applauded the student body for organizing the sterling event. He implored them to put into practice what they learnt for the benefit of their constituency and the university at large.

Dr Makado also revealed that BUSE was highly ranked because of the good behaviour of its students. He further pleaded with the students to maintain such high ethos as it had a bearing on the university’s image.

In a bid to reduce the maintain harmony between students and their communities, the Off-Campus Life Coordinator Mr Mutambisi challenged the students to make meaningful contribution to their communities by coming up with solutions to challenges affecting the populace.

A variety of topics were also covered by seasoned BUSE staff members which ensured the students were well-rounded. The importance of living a healthy style as a leader was emphasized by the speakers from different angles.

The Sports and Recreation Director, Mrs Muzuva urged the students to exercise regularly while the Catering Supervisor Mrs Muchenga spoke on the importance of nutrition on health. She said that the student leader plays a vital role in educating other students to learn why healthy eating is important and how to make it part of their lives.  From the Student Health Services, the Chief Nursing Sister, Mrs Masvaure touched on the role of a student leader in reducing stress among university students whereas the Warden, Mrs Chimbambo reiterated the importance of cultivating responsible behaviour in the students’ hostels.

Ever-jovial On Campus Life Coordinator, Mrs Murasi could not hide her joy at the level of discipline the students’ leaders had shown throughout the tour. She expressed confidence in their ability to manage other students well.


Student leaders who participated at the highly interactive seminar also weighed-in, sharing their experiences,
SRC Secretary General, Tinashe Kuzanga who spearheaded the organisation of the event said the effort they had put was worthwhile and are now raring to go.

“We have been leaders in the past but this time we were rejuvenated, replenished and highly motivated to strive for the betterment of our school. I strongly believe that as leaders we are now geared to work for the progression of our institution and also ready to influence our fellow students to work,” said Kuzanga.

He further thanked the university administration and other stakeholders who contributed to the success of the outing.
Tatenda Magetsi, the Debate Club President said the trip was an eye-opener and the chosen topics, presenters and facilitators were relevant for young leaders. Magetsi implored the university to do such trainings more often.
Alexis Kazingi, the BUSCES Treasurer,Deborah Movement Chairperson AFMOC Deputy Chairperson and BOOST Club Marketer said the trip mainly enhanced unity between leaders across all faculties as there was lively interaction.
“The experience was totally awesome and thumbs up to all the facillitators as BUSE is now on for a big step of improvement on all aspects,” she added.

SRC Secretary for Information, Delvin Kajese said the training they received was not just beneficial to the participants only but the university and country at large. He parted by urging his fellow colleagues to always adopt a positive mind-set even in the midst of challenges they may face in their different roles.