BNC pledges more support to BUSE

Bindura Nickel Corporation (BNC) senior management met with Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) officials to assess the progress that has been made in the implementation of the MOU that the two organisations signed.

The delegation comprised of the managing director Mr T. Luciyano, mine manager Mr E. T Vere, human resources manager Mr R. Mushati, finance manager Mr S Musvipe, Mr S Ndoro, company secretary Mr C. Mukanganga, ICT manager Mr T. Mutsambwa and Mr J. Mulasi.

The MOU seeks to increase collaboration, cooperation and interaction for the further promotion of tertiary education at BUSE.

Speaking during the meeting held at the Faculty of Science Engineering Boardroom, BNC managing director Mr Luciyano said he was happy at the speed at which the partnership was being implemented and added that none of the other MOU that they had signed were moving at such a speed.

“We appreciate the speed at which the MOU is being implemented. It’s easy to see that we have admins who are interested in their work. We have seen a lot of difference, thank you for bringing the MOU to life,” he said.

He pledged to continue to provide the University with prizes for graduating students and called for more cooperation in the area of graduate trainees and students’ attachements.

“On the issue of graduate trainees for the period 2020-2022, we trained 56 students and only 3 were from BUSE. We wonder where they are going for training. We need to have a bias on this institution when it comes to this,” said Mr Luciyano.

“On the issue of student attachés we get more numbers from other institution like Harare Institute of Technology, Zimbabwe School of Mines yet we want to give special preference to BUSE but that is not happening. We don’t want you to struggle for places for industrial attachment.”

He said his organisation will also assist in the development of the mining department, provide air conditioning for the Innovation Hub as well as the super computers and other accessories for software development.

Mr Luciyano also pledged to buy sanitisers from BUSE for the consumption of his organisation and give the printing press some business to print materials for his company.

Assistant to the Vice Chancellor Mr Chihombori urged University Deans to contribute meaningfully to the implementation of the MOU adding that they should find their place in the document.

Prof Mwenje told the BNC delegation that he fully appreciated the assistance that the mining giant provided in the construction of the Innovation Hub.