Dr. Belamino K. Chikwaiwa


  • Doctor of Philosophy Social Studies (Medical Social Work) University of Zimbabwe)
  • Master of Social Work Degree (University of Zimbabwe 2012).
  • Bachelor of Social Work General Degree (University of Zimbabwe 1999).
  • Diploma in Social work (University of Zimbabwe, School of Social work 1996).
  • Certificate in Systemic counselling (CONNECT-HARARE 1992).
  • Certificate in Medical Rehabilitation (Ministry of Health, Zimbabwe 1988).

Key Research Areas

  • Public Health and Medical Social Work
  • Child Rights and Social Protection
  • Social Work and Climate Change


  1. Vincent Mabvurira1 and Belamino K Chikwaiwa2 Impact of climate-change on the livelihoods activities of former commercial farm workers in Mazowe South Constituency, Zimbabwe  Book Chapter “Building Climate Change Resilient Communities inAfrica: Insights from Zimbabwe`s Urban and Rural areas“, 2020 Konrad Adenauer Stifung.
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Conferences and Workshop papers presented
Childline Zimbabwe on “Child Rights and children’s online safety“, Conference for Higher Education Institutions, August 2020.

Registered as a Social Work Practitioner with the Council for Social Workers -Zimbabwe
The General Social Care Council (GSCC) United Kingdom.
National Association of Social Workers-Zimbabwe.

Community Service
Clinical staff supervision consultant for Childline Zimbabwe.