Alumni Registration

Bindura University of Science Education is building a comprehensive database for all its Alumni. This is a record of all students who graduated from the institution from the onset. The university is appealing to all its Alumni to complete the form below. This will enable the university to actively keep in touch with all members of the Alumni Association, updating them on all developments at the university. Members are also encouraged to share any developments of excellence in their lives such as promotions, additional qualifications, etc, so that the greater Bindura University of Science Education community can celebrate together with them.

Alumni Details Update
Consistent details update will enable the University to remain in touch with the Alumni. The University kindly appeals to members to continuously update the institution with their current contact information that include the following details: email address, contact numbers, employment details, country of residence and any other additional information they feel like sharing

Updates can also be emailed to  or 

We guarantee that the information supplied will be treated with strict confidentiality hence will not be shared with any third parties.

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