Dr. A. Makuyana


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work
  • Master of Social Science (Social Work)
  • Bachelor of Social Work

Key Research Areas

  • Clinical social work,
  • Community development,
  • Child welfare and child protection


  1. Makuyana, A., Mbulayi, S.P. &Kangethe S.M. 2020. Psychosocial deficits underpinning child headed households (CHHs) in Mabvuku and Tafara suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe. Children and Youth Services Review 115 (2020) 105093 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0190740919314203?via%3Dihub
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  12. Makuyana, A & Mbulayi, S., P. (Submitted 2020). Social Work Practice in Refugee Settings: Challenges and Prospects for Zimbabwe Book Chapter: Book Chapter: (Accepted Book Chapter)

Conferences and Workshop papers presented

  • Beyond the enclave: Expediting the challenges and prospects of young girls doing STEM subjects in public high schools in rural Zimbabwe
  • Challenges and prospects associated with indigenizing social work practice in socioeconomically fragile and culturally diverse African states: The case of a few selected African countries
  • Energizing the Fight against Drug and Substance abuse in South Africa: The Case of Mothers against Drugs (MAD) in Rustenburg South Africa

As the current Fieldwork coordinator, I utilized the opportunity to network with different organizations where some of our level three students are placed. There has been some positive feedback from a number of organizations pending partnerships and collaborations in 2021.

Community Service

  • Committee on Academic Ceremonies (Faculty Representative) – I represent the Faculty of Social Studies at the university’s COAC meetings. I was also part of the 2019 and 2020 graduation organizing committee at both faculty and university level.
  • Computer Committee – As part of the computer committee members at faculty level, I contributed towards updating the faculty and department’s web pages. I managed to compile relevant information on academic staff in the Department of Social work for the webpage updating purpose.
  • Exams Committee – As an exams committee member at department level, I contribute towards the printing, packaging and safe keeping of the department’s exam scripts. I was part of the group that recently printed exam papers to be written in Jan/Feb 2021.