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    It is now confined sildenafil uk forum to developing countries. 146 Santosh Man Shrestha Epidemiology of HVD Epidemiology of hepatic vena cava disease is not well established, because in the past the differential diagnosis between HVD and HVT was not clear and most reports with large number of cases did not separate the two disorders [24]. Nakamura et al [7] who in 1967 reviewed the published Japanese literature found that the disease was complicated by a very high incidence of cirrhosis (90%) and HCC (41%). With the improvement in hygiene the disease has disappeared from the West and Japan. Similar high incidence of HCC in the disease was reported from South Africa by Simson [42] and Kew [13].

    Occurrence of cirrhosis in the HVD was mentioned earlier by Willcocks from UK in 1986 [34] and that of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma by Rosenblatt (1917) from Germany [24] and Hutchinson and Simpson (1970) from UK [15].

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