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    Figure 5-17B) also receive spinothalamic input, as well as information from the reticular online apotheke levitra 10mg formation, they are not thought to have a direct sensory function. Although the intralaminar nuclei (such as the central lateral nucleus. The ventromedial posterior and medial dorsal nuclei are thought to play roles in the affective and motivational aspects of pain and in the memory of painful stimuli online apotheke levitra 10mg (see section on cortical pain representations). This is because they also receive inputs from motor and integrative structures of the brain.

    Moreover, the intralaminar nuclei are diffuse-projecting and may participate in arousal and attention (see Table 2-1).

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    These findings suggest a more sweeping effect on neural circuitry and brain than simply the core symptoms of atypical social interaction, complex speech online apotheke levitra 10mg and language dysfunction, and repetitive movements would indicate. Postural stability responses in children with ASD were abnormal and related more to generalized central nervous system dysfunction than abnormal muscle tonus, in one prospective study by Minshew and associates. Minshew, Sung, Jones, & Furman, 2003). This study suggests an interconnection between postural stability, neural circuitry, and ASD. Generalized motoric abnormalities in children with ASD have been described in the literature for more than two decades, including gross and fine motor clumsiness and delays, dyspraxia, and hypotonia of online apotheke levitra 10mg trunk and lower extremities (Damasio & Mauer, 1977.

    Postural stability demands a more formalized, complex integration of several systems, because motoric skills range from praxis to sequencing to executive function of a skilled motor sequence. Further supporting the pervasiveness of motor dysfunction in ASD are several studies completed by Teitelbaum and colleagues (2002) with infants who have ASD or Asperger’s syndrome (AS). The significance of these pervasive motor differences and their relationship to brain dysfunction has not been well appreciated until recently, however.

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