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    The posterior parietal cortex , levitra jeden tag which includes Brodmann's areas 7 and 5, plays an important role in perception of body image. These areas are involved in integrating somatic sensory, visual, and auditory information for perception and attention. A lesion of this region in the nondominant hemisphere (typically the right hemisphere) produces a complex sensory syndrome in which the individual neglects the contralateral half of the body. This part of the cortex begins a sequence of somatic sensory projections to insular cortical areas and the temporal lobe that are important for object recognition by touch and position sense.

    Other portions of the posterior parietal cortex receive visual and auditory inputs as well as somatic sensory information. A patient may fail to dress one side of her body or comb half of her hair, for example.

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    But if levitra jeden tag non-hallucinating and hallucinating persons have similar brain metabolic patterns under similar circumstances, the pattern does not explain the hallucination. Generalizing findings is also risky, as many of the proposed relationships between perceptual disturbances and brain areas come from the epilepsy literature, where stimulation of specific cortices elicits hallucinations in that modality. On functional MRI healthy persons exhibit intermittent and substantial increased activity in the auditory cortex during silence because they often subvocalize.185 This activity is similar to patterns reported for patients while they are experiencing hallucinating voices, for example.

    But has not been identified, an endogenous excitatory focus is also proposed for the perceptual disturbances seen in psychiatric patients. Leading to confusion, a typical study has almost as many authors as subjects.154 The results from neurologic and psychiatric patients and normal individuals have been combined for interpreting underlying mechanisms. Efforts to elucidate more specific relationships between perceptual disturbances and a brain lesion or dysfunction are disappointing because of the reliance on small samples with poorly described psychopathology.

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