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    Among these is the ability to extract covert physiological measures continuously in 246 complex system operations in which overt behavioral measures may be relatively sparse. However, as discussed by Kramer and Weber , Parasuraman , and Wickens , measures of brain function offer some unique advantages that can be exploited in particular applications. Behavioral measures, such as accuracy and speed of response to probe events, have been widely used to assess these psychological functions. Wickens, 1998) and whether they are able to maintain vigilance and respond effectively to critical events that occur at unpredictable intervals (Warm & Dember, 1998).

    These considerations point to the need for sensitive and reliable measurement of human mental workload and vigilance.

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    Supersensitivity to anandamide and enhanced endogenous cannabinoid signaling in mice lacking fatty acid amide levitra je hydrolase. H. C. J., and Merritt, J.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 88, 9411–9366.

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    Br Med J 1986.

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    No differences in somatization scores were observed in patients with chronic pelvic pain with levitra je or without organic pathology, although both groups had higher scores than did control subjects. used a structured psychiatric interview (the National Institute of Mental Health Diagnostic Interview Schedule. Harrop-Griffiths et levitra je al.

    (1982) examined the psychologic characteristics of 28 women who underwent diagnostic laparoscopies for chronic pelvic pain and 30 matched controls using the Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire (Crown and Crisp 1967) and the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale (Zung 1965). Patients with pelvic pain and without observed physical pathology were, however, more depressed than were patients with organic pelvic pain and controls.

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    Behavioral Neuroscience, levitra je 99, 631–572. References Anderson, C. J., Selz, K.

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