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Bindura University of Science Education

Department of Curriculum Studies

Department Chairperson - Mr L. P Kusure


To be among the world leaders in producing curriculum practitioners of the highest calibre, capable of advancing knowledge and skills in science and mathematics instruction. 

Mission Statement

To provide expert tuition through innovative, research – based instruction in order to produce world class curriculum practitioners equipped with cutting edge instructional skills forthe benefit of the nation and the international community.

Core Values

•    Learning
•    Innovation
•    Humility
•    Commitment
•    Reflection
•    Competence
•    Student Centredness
•    Humanity

Programmes on offer

The following programmes are offered under the conventional, block release and Virtual and Open Distance Learning (VODL) modes.

Undergraduate Level

Postgraduate Programmes

Departmental Staff

Lovemore Kusure. M.Ed, B.Ed. C.E, (UZ.

Crispen Bhukuvhani - Senior Lecturer -  Licentiate Degree in Education (Chemistry and Computer Science) Cuba, MSc.Ed. (Curriculum Studies) BUSE.

Dziva, D. Licentiate Degree in Education (Biology) Cuba, MSc.Ed. (Curriculum Studies) BUSE.

Isel Ramirez Berdut

Dr Partson Virira Moyo

Bartholomew Chigwete Muropa M.Ed in Curriculum Studies(UZ), PGDE (UZ), BA History Honours (UZ)

Departmental Secretary:

Chikerema, E. Diploma in Secretarial Studies (HEXCO) Harare Polytechnic College