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Bachelor of Environmental Science Honours Degree in Safety Health and Environmental Management

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  • SHEM graduates can be employed as safety and health officers, environmental managers, consultants, and researchers
  • Graduates can also be employed in NGOs, government and industry as environmental analysts and in the manufacturing and engineering sectors.
  • Graduates can still further their studies undertaking masters and PhD/Dphil studies in various environmental areas.

Entry Requirements:

All applicants have to meet  the following minimum requirements for admission prescribed under the general regulations (i.e.):

  • Have obtained at least five Ordinary Level subject passes including English Language and Mathematics passed with a grade C or better.
  • 2 'A' level passes including one of the following Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Food Sciences, Environmental Science and Environmental Management or a relevant Diploma.

Structure of the Programme

Part 1
Code                    Description

ES   101               Principles and Processes of Ecosystems
ES   113               Introductory Statistics
ES   115               Communication Skills
HS   101               HIV and AIDS Education
CS   101               Introduction to Computer Science 
PC   108               Citizenship Education & Conflict Transformation
ES   105               Introduction to Pollution Science   
ES 106                 Introduction to water Resources  
ESM 101               Introduction to Environmental Health Management
ESM 102               Environmental Science I  
ESM 103               Environmental Science II
ESM 104               Introduction to Environmental Management
ESM 105               Laboratory Practice
ESM 106               Chemistry Foundations
ESM 107               Energy Resources Management

PART II                                                                   
Code                     Description                           

ES    203               Land Management and Conservation
ES    209               GIS and Remote Sensing
ES    212               Research Methods
ES    213               Fire Protection
ES    205               Environmental Law
ES    211               Environmental Impact Assessment
ES    218               Waste Management
ES    210               Environmental Management Systems
ESP  208               Principles of Industrial Processes
ESM 201               Occupational Health & Safety Management              
ESM 202               Environmental Monitoring
ESM 203               Safety and Health Law I
ESM 204               Safety, Health and Environmental Auditing


ES 360:                Research Project
ES 362                 Attachment

Part IV
Code                    Description                           

ES 418                 Environmental Economics              
ES 403                 Organizational  Behaviour              
ES 413                 Project  Planning and Management              
ES 415                 Environmental Disaster Management
ESM 401               Industrial Epidemiology   
ESM 402               Safety and Health, Risk Management
ESM 403               Water Supply,  Sanitation
ESM 404               Safety and Health Law II          
ESM 405               Wastewater Treatment
ESM 406               Air Pollution
ESM 407               Environmental Microbiology
ESM 408               Food Safety and Meat Hygiene
ESM 409               Environmental Modelling